About Patrick

My father, Arthur Steel is a renowned Fleet Street Photographer (www.arthursteel.co.uk) and because of his career I literally grew up surrounded by cameras. From the age of seven I would help him print black and white images in the darkroom. Later on in life I studied Photography for a year at College and became a window cleaner throughout this period to help finance myself. After a fortnight of unpaid work experience I was offered a full time job at Holborn Studios (London’s largest Photographic Studio). I worked there for two years as a studio assistant and then assisted as a freelancer for a further eight years travelling extensively around the globe on assignments working with some of the world’s leading Photographers.

During this time, I mainly assisted Portrait Photographers and was lucky enough to have personally met and worked with Her Majesty The Queen, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few.

Although I was trained in Portraiture I always had a fascination for Interiors Photography, and I now specialise in this field professionally. Photographing landscapes is an essential pastime for me, as I spend most of my work life indoors shooting interiors, it not only gets me out in the fresh air but gives me the freedom to work with my camera and shoot whatever I like. To my delight, friends began asking if they could acquire prints of my pictures to hang within their homes and so that’s how my landscape prints evolved.

Twenty years ago, I became a freelance Photographer and have managed to earn a living from my camera ever since.

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